Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer On The Farm

Yesterday while driving around the area, Ed and I came across Richardson Farms, an absolutely beautiful farm market that sells the most gorgeous produce I think I've ever laid eyes on. A fifth generation family farm, they have 300 acres that provide the bounty they sell. And if they don't grow it, they have friends that do.

In addition to the rainbow of produce, they have a kitchen which sells "the freshest chicken in the area", duck, rabbit, turkey and right along side of that, the deli, which sells cooked chicken, sandwiches, fresh made sides, and more. In the store, there are shelves of jams and jellies, pickled goods, cheeses, hull-less popcorn, fresh canned sauces, marinades, etc.
There was also a dessert section, where I bought THE MOST AMAZING cheesecake I've ever eaten. It was so creamy, light, and fluffy, it must have been made by folding angel tears into whatever creamy base they used and then mixing it while kittens purred in the background.

We left the store with milk (which they sell in glass bottles!), roll butter (which is made from the first cream; most butters are made from the whey cream, which is a by-product of cheese making), peaches, cantaloupe, and a giant seedless watermelon that tasted like it was marinated pink sugar water.

I think it gave me a cavity.


all things bradbury said...

i love these kind of places....thanks for giving us another one to watch for!

june in florida said...

I love your angel tears and purring kittens description, Richardsons should use that in their ads.Wish i was in the area.

MAE said...

What an experience...and with your descriptions and pictures I felt like I was there with you...thanx