Monday, March 19, 2012

Man At Work

It's rare that we pick up freight at a place where hard hats are required, but every once in a while, we come across one. They want the hard hat, safety vest, safety goggles, steel-toed boots. Since all of that stuff is stored in the sidebox, it's a pain in the ass to dig out.

Since I don't usually do any of the loading unless Ed needs my help, I didn't have to dig anything out, and this place only required the hardhat and safety goggles, so it wasn't too difficult to find those two things.

I love the way Ed looks when he puts his hard hat on, so construction-site-sexy. And I'm also glad he does all the hard, hard-hat work on loads on a day like today, when the air is hot and steamy.

I'd let this guy into my sleeper berth anytime!

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ELH said...

ED looks like one tough hombre in that pic..I have 3 questions for you if you will allow me..
#1, have you guys had any resolution with those custom shocks you had to return?
#2,how are you enjoying those new seats you had installed?
#3, I know we didn't have much of a winter this past one,but did you use the "auto-chain" system? and were you satisfied with the results?and finally, would you recommend that system to others? Whew, I know that's a lot,but i've been curious about those iitems..

Jan's Travel and Tours said...

Nice blogs...keep on posting!

Ed said...

The shocks are fine so far. I hope they go at least 300K. I don't know who ordinarily orders these shocks, but you really need a shop to replace them. When they are due to be rebuilt, you need about a week of downtime while waiting. The guy said they were considering simply overnighting new shocks to anyone needing a rebuild, but I can't confirm that as these haven't failed again. Knock on wood that they don't. If they do, we are considering another approach to having them rebuilt this time. We would look more locally next time and if it is a problem repeatedly, we will switch to stock shocks. These work, but we are no experts on shocks and there is a chance that we might not notice much difference if we were to switch back. I know from bobtailing around town with no shocks on the truck at all, the truck isn't as bouncy or springy as with the shocks on. Ha!

The seats have been nice. They aren't the best seats out there, but they beat Bostrom stock seats any day. We are looking to sell the factory seats if you know anyone who is interested. They are practically new and the have heat as well as two air bags. We are looking to get at least $300.00 each and then if they need to be shipped, they will have to pay for that.

That is a no go on the snow chain system. We have passed on that. It was a consideration for when we were looking at having to run the mountain passes regularly and if that comes up again, we may reconsider, but for now we aren't looking at purchasing them. I have had to apply snow chains maybe 5 times in 16 years. I would only buy them if I needed them every day. We run the whole 48 so we aren't confined to snowy passes as some people are. Also because we have super singles, the companies who install them were not to eager to tell me that they would be legal everywhere. However I know that there are some companies out there that are installing them on company trucks with super singles and that usually means that they are legal wherever those trucks are running and I want to say that they are running in the Northwest. If we get them, you will see a review about them. That is for sure.
Have a good day!

Ed said...

I had to force myself not to laugh. It took her several shots to get that one of me with a semi serious look on my face.

Dale said...

ELH and Ed,
You may want to look into an alternative to tire chains, something called autosock. I drive for a charter bus company in Colorado and we started using these autosocks this past snow season. Much faster and easier installation than chains, and much cheaper than the cost of installing autochains.

Angela said...

Ed definitely rocks the hard had much better than I can. I look like a little Martian space girl in mine.

The Daily Rant said...

ELH: Ed didn't mention that our friends Marlaina and Greg have the automatic tire chains. I think they've only had to use them once since they were installed, but they like them.

Also - I'm not really in love with the seats we got - they are better than the ones that came with the truck, but they're not as comfortable as I'd like. I think it needs more cushion under the thigh part - where your thigh comes to the edge of the seat - because sometimes, after many hours of driving, I feel as if my circulation is being cut off. There's a piece that rubs right in that spot and it's annoying to me. I don't think Ed notices as much - maybe because his thighs aren't as big as mine! Then again, I'm like the Princess and the Pea - I feel every little thing that's off. I'm very high maintenance with my comfort. LOL

DALE: I've heard of those autosock things. But that's not my department - you adressed the right guy on that topic!

GIGI: You might have to post a picture of that sometime. :)

ELH said...

thanks guys for the info..i have heard of the "sock system", and have seen the video..very interesting...I wonder if they really work?? Some guy told me the "socks" are being tested up in canada and alaska...maybe we'll see them on the new season of "ice road truckers"??? take care..

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