Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Perhaps She's A Closet Road Warrior

My friend is looking for a job. She's also looking to move. Currently, she lives in Arizona, and although she loves the weather, she wants a change and she's ready to go anywhere and do anything.

I've suggested my all time favorite place - Nashville. I've given the "it's got four seasons, there's an airport minutes away from where I envision you living, there's a beautiful
private university and medical research center smack in the middle of town, the housing is inexpensive, there are beautiful lakes and mountains, and the people are super-nice" pitch, but she's still on the fence. Her focus is a little skewed right now, as she recently lost her job, but she's got ideas for her future and there are places they can happen. Personally, I hate Arizona, so I'll never be suggesting that she stay there. The job market is miserable, the pay is abysmal when you do get a job, and I personally don't know how anyone really wants to live in such an ugly, arid wasteland.

I've also suggested Asheville, North Carolina; Louisville, KY; and anywhere in New York state, preferably the Catskill or Adirondack mountain area. She's mentioned California (too expensive), Denver, and Florida. The real problem with this is no matter where she's goes, she'll be doing it blind - most of the places she's considering, she's never been to. When you have limited funds, it's hard to go check these places out.

I've advised her to take the Find Your Spot quiz, which through a series of questions helps determine the best place to live based on your preferences. I've taken the quiz in the past, and it gave me a list of places I'd like living, most of them being right on target with my likes and dislikes.

I find moving and/or changes to be very exciting. I've never been concerned about finding a place to live or worried about getting a job and she's much the same way - she's done it before (as a single mom!) successfully and said she's never had any fear. But now that's she's older, doubt is creeping in.

I know she'll find her target soon and will be on her way to building a brand new life. I've tried to sell the truck driving life to her, but she's not biting yet. Maybe when her son goes off to college and the nest is empty, she'll break out and become a wild adventurer!

And I'll be right there to help her along - I may not be all that "wild", but I have been a few places.


june in florida said...

Was driving across country a few years ago with my kids camping out in national and state parks. We met a family doing the same but they were looking for work and a new place to live.Your friend could do the camping or youth hostels, reasonable, clean and not just for youths.Good luck to her on her adventure.

Anonymous said...

How about moving to Fort Mcmurray in the oil sands. Cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Lots of stuff for families It would be an adventure. Lots of work

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