Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Landscape Just Runs All Together After A While

I can't remember where I snapped the picture of this Mail Pouch barn - I think it was Ohio - but it coulda been Kentucky. Either way, they're a pretty cool sighting as there aren't many of them left.

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ELH said...

Thats a sure picture of some old americana stil left around the old gas station and roadside motels, kinda warms the heart to see them..thanks for the nice pic..

Belledog said...

Another day, another gorgeous spring photo. Well done, Salena.

gary said...

To make things more interesting, you should "chew" some mailpouch tobacco, then photograph and blog your experience. Great photo BTW ! I've been by that barn before wherever it is, I remember how vivid the ad is, someone's taking care of it fer sure.

Gil said...

Thanks for sharing another beautiful piece of Americana!

Scott said...

Your pics through Kentucky and Ohio are like a step back in time. Thanks for the photos!