Saturday, March 31, 2007

Let The Adventure Begin

Um, did I mention the other day when I wrote about my cousin moving to Florida, with us taking her stuff on the truck, that she was actually coming in the truck WITH us?

Uh, yeah. Two thousand miles. Thirty hours. Three people. One bed. The journey starts today.

Sparkling conversationalist, eternal optimist, easy on the eyes. That's my Deana Bean.
But I have to tell you, she has a very delicate stomach. Can't eat certain things, has a "safe list" of foods that don't disagree with her and overall, eats like a very tiny bird. Which might explain why she is a very tiny bird, and actually, one of the reasons we agreed to take her with us in the first place; she fits neatly into our pocket and doesn't even make a peep. She's an exemplary passenger.

So, here she is, our wanna be trucker, with her brand new trucker cap (a gift from me, for her first OTR journey) and she's never eaten at an Arby's. Whaatttt? Arby's is a national chain; how can she have never been there? We're not even talking truck stop food. We haven't even touched on biscuits and gravy, bottom of the pot coffee or my personal favorite, chicken fried steak.

With all the stress of packing her house, giving away things that she couldn't fit in her bins and arranging all the plans for the move, she claims to have lost five pounds; which on me would mean my earring got loose, but on her, it drops a pant size. I assured her we'd have those five pounds back on by San Antonio. She's fighting me hard, but today she gave in to chicken fingers and a few curly fries, so I think we're well on our way.

Did I mention she's a personal trainer? Uh, yeah. And a quasi-dietician? Yep. Do you know what it's like to have a oat bran eating, two Skittles per serving, non-latte drinking, fit person sitting next to two truckers? I think you can imagine.

I mean, I'm totally cute and all, but when you're ordering the double cheeseburger at Wendy's and she's ordering the side salad with fat free dressing, it sort of puts a different spin on making good choices. So it looks like she'll be gaining back her five pounds plus a smidge and I'll be losing five pounds by just mirroring her eating habits. Wow, I might have to take her along more often.

As I said; let the adventure begin.


chez bez said...

Funny. I just left a comment on your other post about being the third wheel in your 18-wheeler, and now I read that you actually do have a third person riding with you.

Reminds me of my sister-in-law who is a marathon running nutritionist. My brother introduced her to Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili and we normal folk felt a sense of victory when she wanted to go back for more of that stuff day after day.

Happy riding!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

So fun! Definitely a plus that your cousin doesn't take up much room and can perhaps inspire your eating habits...who woulda guessed that those skinny girls are good for something ;)