Friday, March 09, 2012

Despite The Name, This Might Not Be Your Place If You're Truly Bashful

Today I joined Ed on a little trip to a hobby shop. When we pulled up he said, "Great. It's right next door to a biker bar." While he went into the hobby shop, I walked over and took a few pictures.
This mural on the side of the building doesn't look too bashful. Oooooh, big bad biker guy driving his hog or pig or whatever they call their bikes, through the wall. Watch out for flying cinder blocks!
TheThe Bashful Bandit has been in Tucson for as long as I can remember, and that's at least thirty years. I've passed it a million times, but have never stopped or gone in. Bikers aren't really my cup of tea.

If I remember correctly, this place really packs 'em in. On weekend nights, it was always packed, people spilling out of the doors and congregating around their bikes. I wonder if they have a bar and/or parking lot brawl minimum - there's gotta be at least one a night. I peeked in the door - saw a pool table, a rack of pool cues by the door and not much was dark and a wee bit scary - and I was there during the daylight hours!

If you plan on going, you can find it here:

3686 East Speedway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85716

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gary said...

Are you from tuscon ? If you are, would you be familiar with franks diner ? My co driver and I discovered it through yelp and rode our bikes there on layover. We really enjoyed the super sassy morning waitress, the chorizo and eggs, AND the pepper sauce on the table. I'm a sucker for dives, and diners..and franks was fantastic.
I used to be a "biker" here's my take...2 types : losers who ride from bar to bar , stand around in there officially licenced Harley gear, admiring there latest chrome doo-dad. Second type :real bikers who enjoy long, epic rides, know how to fix their bikes, and wouldn't be caught dead in officially licensed clothing.

The Daily Rant said...

GARY: I'm not from Tucson (I'm from NY) but I live here now...and hate every breathing moment of it. I have never eaten at Frank's - I live on the NW side of town - but I have passed it before. In fact, I was just down in that area this week. I might have to try it now - my boyfriend likes dive places for breakfast - and then I'll blog about it!

As for the bikers - I see a lot of both types - we were recently in Daytona and went to the Harley dealership ( with our friends - they were looking for helmets for their Vespas! LOL The place was crawling with bikers....I'd suspect of both varieties!

gary said...

Please consider a blog entry on franks official request from a loyal reader !! BTW..lots of photo opp's there. I'm officialy jealous if you go !! - Gary

Doris said...

My dear Daily Rant lady : The Bashful Bandit was a wonderful bar in the late 80's! My hubby and I used to frequent the place and yes we parked our Harley in the lot! Our picture was on the wall there until about 10 years ago when I guess the current owners decided we were too old to count! I will take you there sometime?