Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'll Get You My Pretty

I hate all cigarette smokers.

Well, unless you are my friends (Hags) or family (you know who you are).

Being a non-smoker all of my life, I find cigarette smoke to be very offensive. I know smokers will say to stay away from places with smokers, and for the most part I do. I don't like to go to bars, you will rarely find me in a pool hall, and if I have to be in a casino, I'm in the non-smokers room if they have one. If they don't, I shower Silkwood Style as soon as I get back to my hotel room.

But now they have electronic cigarettes. You heard me right. Electronic.

Boy, they're determined to get people smoking no matter how they do it, aren't they? Granted it doesn't produce the second hand smoke, which I like, and they claim it doesn't have the harmful tars and carcinogens of traditional cigarettes, but oddly, it still has the nicotine. Which is the highly addictive substance cigarettes contain.

Since I'm not a smoker, I'm not sure if this is going to be appealing. I mean, that's like me licking a plastic replica of a donut that tastes like my favorite Boston Cream donut from Dunkin', but doesn't deliver all the calories.

I'm not really sure that's gonna cut it.

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Hedon said...

Thanks Chick!

You know those things keep tempting me. I mean it would be awesome to get my full hit of nicotine without having to mess with the other crap or offend people.

I may give them a try.