Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Million Comedians Out Of Work And I'm Lucky Enough To Live With One

The last few days, I've been unusually sluggish. Personally, I think it's the heat. I don't function very well in temperatures over sixty-five degrees and lately everywhere we go, it's been hovering around or over one hundred. ONE HUNDRED DEGREES!! There is something very wrong with that.

That said, I turned on my computer this morning and came across a picture file named "Salena." When I opened it, I saw this:

I knew immediately who the culprit was and asked Ed, "What's this???"

"Oh," he said, "That's a picture I took of you earlier today."

Isn't he charming?

And for all you women out there about to ask the question....

No, you cannot have his phone number.


sognatrice said...


Or at least that would've been my response ;)

HotDudi said...


He really is all a girl could ask for...funny AND charming!!

It's such a shame he's off the market! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

And he got your good side!

LOL! that is so funny.