Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's An iPod, Not A wePod

My cousin was telling me a story the other day about a guy on the train who was listening to his iPod so loudly, that she was unwillingly subjected to also have to listen to it for the duration of her ride. Oh, I suppose she could have moved her seat, but that's not the point, so she just sat there annoyed, as you can imagine she might have been in that situation.

I've been in the same spot; being on a plane, at the gym (ok, that's a rarity) or even sitting in a waiting room and having to hear someone else's music because they have it playing so loud. Even if you liked the song, you can't hear the words, so you're usually listening to the din of whoever they chose to take with them that day.

You almost want to ask them what the point of wearing a headset is on a personal audio device if others can hear their music?? The whole concept of a headphone is so the music stays their ears only; otherwise, they might as well have just brought a boombox and set it up next to their seat if they were going to be so hell bent on subjecting the general public to the soundtrack of their life.

It's disturbing to me and it tells me they have no concern for those around them since they aren't even aware of how loud the music is. If I wanted to hear Linkin Park, I'd buy the damn CD myself. I don't need to hear the screams of the lead singer through their ears.

Another thing my cousin noted was, how loud is it in their ears if she can hear it in hers?? It's bad enough the presence of a headset sends a clear message to the rest of the world that they aren't interested in being social; that they'd rather not be bothered and have better things to do in life than talk to strangers on the train.

So maybe you they should just re-apply their black lipstick, hike up their draggy droopy hig hop pants for the fifteenth time and figure out how they're going to beat the old lady to the door so they don't have to hold it open for her. But in the meantime, they need to turn down the noise they are listening to.

It's called an "i" pod for a reason.

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