Thursday, July 26, 2007

Posthumously Famous In The World Of Cheap Lodging

We've been in a hotel for a week; no reason, not work related, but just because we feel like it.

Originally in New York to visit my Uncle who had a heart attack, our weekend visit has turned into a week long visit. We haven't been doing much of anything; updating our new computers, catching up on paperwork and sleep, shopping for things I don't need and dining out, as usual.

We found an inexpensive Super 8 hotel to stay in and today, while talking about getting out of the room and into the fresh beautiful air, Ed wanted to know WHY we had to go out. Now I don't mind being lazy and I enjoy laying around reading magazines and watching TV as much as the next sloth, but I wanted to SEE something. DO something. Being in the room is sort of blah and depressing. I mean, it's not like we're staying at a Westin resort; it's a Super 8.

"What's wrong with it?" Ed wanted to know.

"There's nothing wrong with it" I answered, "it's just...I don't's kinda old and sort of run down, that's all. Depressing."

"What do you mean, depressing??"

"It's the kind of room comedians commit suicide in," I said. "In fact, we should call these kind of hotels 'Mitch Hedberg' hotels and next time we plan to stay overnight somewhere, I'll ask, 'Where do you want to stay, at the Westin/Ramada/Hilton/Doubletree or at a Mitch Hedberg?' Then you'll know what your choices are."

"A Mitch Hedberg?"

"Yeah. I mean, how many stories have we heard about comedians who have committed suicide in hotel rooms? John Belushi back in the 80's, Richard Jeni just this year, Mitch Hedberg a couple of years ago. I mean, some of them stay in nice hotels, but the majority of them always seem to pick the most isolated, dreadful places to end their lives; seedy hotel rooms. But then again, I guess that's the whole point; they think they lead a dreadful life, so they end it in a dreadful death."

Ed responded with, "I guess."

"OK, great. So let's take a little tour of the town and have some lunch before we head back to the comedian's coffin."

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