Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My New Motto

This photo was taken by my cousin Ro, at a fabulous little hideaway called Rice To Riches; a rice pudding restaurant in Nolita, the neighborhood north of Little Italy, in New York City.

They have an incredible array of flavors to choose from with catchy names like Take Me To Tiramisu, Sex Drugs And Rocky Road and even one that offers a humorous nod to the head of the Vatican, the one person that most Little Italy inhabitants hold in high regard, by naming a flavor Pope Pina Colada II.

Back in 2005, its owner, Peter Moceo Jr. and nineteen other men, including his father, had been arrested on charges of using the restaurant to run $22-million-dollar-a-year gambling ring in the New York area.
That's a lot of papal rice!

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HotDudi said...

I love this sign! I want to get one for me!! :-)