Monday, July 14, 2008

Four Standards, One Newbie

The first four of items are makeup bag staples for me. The fifth is a new find.

1. I always carry a small amount of concealer and a small amount of foundation with me but it wasn't until I had this idea that I realized what a genius I really was. If you can't tell what this is, it's a case for contact lenses. It's perfectly small enough to fit in my makeup bag and it holds just the right amount of product for several applications if needed. Again, I am such a genius with this idea that Allure magazine ought to be paying me. In addition, if you happen to SEE this in a magazine, know that it was here first. I have read every magazine known to woman regarding beauty products and anything remotely connected to beauty products and in all the tips and tricks and new idea columns, I have NEVER come across this. You can get them for less than five dollars at any Wal-Mart, Target or online. Check out these funky cases and know that you saw it here first!

2. Another MIND BLOWING discovery. Any woman out there who uses lipliner, eyeliners or any other pencils that need to be sharpened, know that there is no way to keep the sharpener in your makeup bag without the shavings getting all over everything. As you can see, this sharpener is not new or in pristine condition, as there are shavings rubbed all over it. The box it sits in is a fuse box that you can find in any auto parts store. It holds those little fuse-y things. If you don't know what they are, walk into any Auto Zone and ask for the aisle where they keep the fuses. There are different size boxes, all very small, but I'm sure you'll find one that will suit your needs. Oh, and the fuses? Throw them away. Unless of course, you know what the hell to do with them.

3. These are little wands that can be found at most cosmetic counters or cosmetics stores like Ulta or the makeup mecca, Sephora. They are used so one can sample mascaras - a single use wand. What I use them for? To comb my unruly brows. And, if you put a little hairspray (for hold) or lip balm (for shine) on them, they make your brows look STUNNING.

4. This is no secret, but it's my must have tool, a Tweezerman tweezer. I prefer the slant tip tweezer, but any choice is a good one. Their products are so reliable and the tweezer comes with a lifetime of FREE sharpening. What more can you ask for?

5. And my fifth and final product is a new find. I came across it at Nordstrom Rack. Rice powder is so silky and such a great way to take care of any sheen you don't want in an undetectable manner. This can be worn alone or over foundation. They also make rice papers, which are easy to carry in your purse. Either way, Palladio seems to have rice powder covered. Also, I liked the interesting little square box.

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Unknown said...

I LOOOOVE Sephora. I was reading your post and grumbling that the only Sephora in AR was in Rogers--a part of the state that I'm never in and I decided to look at the store locator. There's one of the tiny ones in a JC Penney but it's not a "real" store IMO but I'm still going to have to check it out.

And you're absolutely right--Tweezermans rock.