Monday, July 10, 2017

You Are The French To My Toast

Today I had lunch with my mother at Prep & Pastry in Tucson, Arizona.

This was a place I've been wanting to try for a while.  I liked the menu items but don't really venture to this area of town too often, and the one time I did stop by it was so insanely busy with people waiting outside, that I passed it up and went somewhere else.  I haven't found a place yet that serves food worthy enough to wait for more than ten minutes.

My mother decided to have the Classic French Toast (Brioche bread, vanilla poached berries, candied almonds, chai whipped butter).  I didn't taste it but it looked delicious.  
I had The Grilled Cheese (tea smoked tomato, white cheddar, brie, Parmesan rubbed Asiago bread, arugula pesto) with a side of fries.  It was an extremely tasty sandwich.   
The waitress came over and told us pastries were half off, so of course we had to indulge.  This beauty is a Nutella Goat Cheese Croissant.  Half price.  Swoon.  I'm really liking the goat cheese in desserts.  I can't wait to come up with my own concoction that uses this tangy, smooth, earthy fromage.
I've got to say, the presentation is nice.  They certainly have pretty food.  Check out their Instagram to see other pictures.  

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