Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rock Hound

The route we took this weekend was mostly one we've never traveled before.  We took US-95 North out of Las Vegas, picked up NV-266 West which brought us to the Nevada/California state line, where we picked up CA-168 West, which ends at US-395 in Big Pine, California.  

Part of this route took us through the Inyo National Forest, where a 4,850-year-old bristlecone pine tree named Methuselah can be found.

We did not see Methuselah, and never will since it's location has never been made public, but next time we're in this area we will definitely go into the actual Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and do a little exploring.

We stopped here to get a better look at the rock that these mountains are made of.  They looked like shale, and the piles looked as if they cleaved off in sheets, all straight and sharp edges, none of them were round. 

It was an interesting and arresting landscape. Does anyone know what kind of rocks these are?

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