Friday, July 07, 2017

Financial Reality

Picture above from left to right - Our friend Marlaina, Ed, and our nephew Nic.

This high stakes meeting is taking place to discuss finances.  My nephew graduated from high school this year and Ed and I gifted him with money to start a retirement account.  We invited him for lunch one day and gave him whatever pearls of wisdom we could offer, and then Ed talked to him about all the boring money stuff that I'm not very interested in.  Nic is a math whiz, an honor student, and has plans to go into the medical field, so starting him early with the financial stuff seemed like a no-brainer.

Enter Marlaina.  She's a scholar of investing.  Reads about it, thinks about it, breathes it.  Every day she's on the 'net checking out the markets, monitoring her stock, and reading the financial websites and blogs.  She turned Ed on to Mr. Money Mustache and suggested The Whitecoat Investor for my nephew, a blog written by a doctor for doctors.  Of course, anyone can benefit from either of these sites and I can tell you from my experience - which is mostly learning through osmosis - that if you read enough on a subject, you will eventually benefit from the knowledge gained.

As you can see, the discussion is intense.  Nic talking, Marlaina listening, and Ed playing with his virtual reality headset.

Exactly the setting in which to plot the path for your financial future.

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