Friday, July 23, 2021

Monsoon Afternoon

According to the National Weather Service, Monsoon Season in Arizona starts on June 15th and ends on September 30th.

During that time, we typically get rain every day - either in the afternoon or overnight - and it seems everyone looks forward to them.  The rain brings cooler air, which is much needed in this area during the oppressive heat of summer, and more humidity than normal which isn't ideal for those with curly hair but something that I actually like.  The air feels like air's supposed to feel when it rains.  It's got some heft to it.

The air has a distinct scent after the rain.  It's from the creosote bushes and once you've smelled it, you will never forget it.  If you're driving through the area, even if you don't see raindrops on your windshield, you will know it recently rained just from the smell.  Well, that, and the ground is wet.  But really, the smell is a thing.

Monsoon season also brings flash floods.  Dry river beds that haven't seen a drop of water all year can suddenly look like whitewater rapids.  Okay, so maybe it's not that violent, but when you see a rapid flow of water that wasn't there yesterday, or even hours prior, it's quite a sight.  The dry river bed (called a "wash") in our yard flows every time we have heavy rains.  

Flooding also affects many of the main roads in our area.  Some of them cross washes, with some of them dipping so low they become dangerous to cross in a vehicle.  And you're not supposed to cross them.  Turn Around, Don't Drown is really good advice.  If you ignore a barrier, cross the water, get stuck, and have to get rescued by emergency services, you could be liable for the cost of those services under Arizona's Stupid Motorist Law.

I love the thunder, lightning, and rain.  I love gloomy days.  I need a break from the eyeball-searing sun once in a while.  And, like in the photo, the rainy days make for some really good photos.

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