Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Into The Mouth Of The Wolf

Map created by Auto Europe. More information can be found on their Italy ZTL zone page.

Our first visit to Italy was in October 2010.  It was a great trip and we made some beautiful memories.  For our first European trip, we were surprised at how smoothly everything went, from the plane ride, to the car rental, to the hotels, to the public transportation.  We had no problem navigating anything.

Or so we thought.

In July 2011, a full nine months later, we received a traffic ticket for a violation of the Italian Highway Code.

What??  We were professional drivers.  Ed had over 2.5 million driving miles under his belt at this point and he did almost all the driving in Italy, especially in the major cities.  There's no way he violated anything.

But, that just wasn't so.  As I mentioned in my post from then, we saw but didn't fully understand the restricted driving zones (in Italian, the "zona traffico limitato") in Rome.

Recently I was contacted by Auto Europe because they came across that post back in 2011 and thought their content would be of interest to my readers.  Well, hell, yeah.  I love to share this kind of information.  If it helps a fellow traveler, I'm all about it.  Of course, he could have also sent me the address of an outstanding gelato shop...

If you're planning a trip to Italy and need a rental car, I highly recommend you brush up on the rules of driving.  Seriously, if you're going to Rome - or I'd imagine any other major city - you're just not going to have time to pull out your Italian-English dictionary to understand what the signs mean.  Italians are the craziest drivers I've ever encountered.

Check out Auto Europe HERE.  They not only handle the car rental for your destination, but they'll also arm you with invaluable driving information. 

And, they're also giving away a 7-night Italian Road Trip Escape!  It ends on August 6th, so click HERE to enter now.

In bocca al lupo!

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