Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I am finally out of New Mexico. Thank GOD. We spent last night at a truck stop travel center on the Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado, just before we got into Utah. Ute, which means "land of the sun" also gave the state of Utah its name.

Although it is still desert like, it is much prettier than where I was earlier this week. As you can see from the pictures, the rocks just jut out of the landscape. We had lunch in a lovely little place called "The Peace Cafe" in Monticello, Utah. It was a crunchy little granola like place, very "hippie" in its decor. The lunch was very good and the weather was beautiful. Since the elevation of Monticello is 7,066 feet above sea level, at 85 degrees it was sunny and pleasant. Next stop, Moab. The following pictures were taken on the way to Moab, Utah.

The rocks were really beautiful and the edges of them were smooth from years of the winds blowing past them. There were dots of greenery in the landscape, but the plateaus were the real focal point. Each one was majestic and made you wonder just how many years they had been there, as you can see the layers of different colored dirt, like rings of an oak tree.

Moab was a cute little town with lots of hiking places, little shops and cafes. There were more than a few jeep tour companies and even a ski lift at the end of town which looked as if it just took people up for the view. Moab is at about 4,000 feet above sea level so it was a little warmer, around 100 degrees, than where we had just come from. Once we got through town, the scenery got a little dreary for a bit but in the distance there are still tons of mountains, all flat top tables looking as if their peaks had been sheared off by a machete.

We are now headed up through Provo to Salt Lake City. I know we're heading deep into Mormon territory and I'm kind of worried that I won't be able to find Diet Coke or Coffee since they don't "do" caffeine. How will I know who the Mormons are?? I don't think you can spot them by just looking, since they don't have any distinguishing markings.

Well, one thing I CAN be sure of - they won't be knocking on my door trying to hand me a pamphlet.

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Anonymous said...

Salena my dear- haven't kept up with you for a while but can see by now that you passed through the country where i was born and raised. You may not remember but you must have passed through Dove Cree, Cortez, Lewis etc. while in CO right before Monticello and Moab. I love my four corners area and am glad you are liking some of the stark beauty of the SW desert. I did say SOME! - I agree about TX and some of NM - hope you are well - had a nice time in the pool with Toni yesterday - Love you, D.