Sunday, September 08, 2019

Bird Of Prey

We are a little over a week into September and things in our neck of the woods are just about the same.

It's still hotter than the pit of hell out here and that heat is wearing on me.  We've had some rain but it hasn't really cooled things off.  It's made it nice and humid, though.  Lovely.

I've been cooking a lot.  And eating.  I've made some new dishes that I was very pleased with.  You can see more photos here on my Instagram account.  

Still bird-watching in my front yard where we've been getting lots of visits from two hawks that live in nearby trees, a cute little Brown-Crested Flycatcher, the bright but tiny Lesser Goldfinch, the silky black Phainopepla, and my favorite, the Gila Woodpecker.

I might have mentioned we went a little crazy with the birdfeeders.  It's like a bird condominium complex out here. Lots of options for visiting birds.

Here's a shot of our hawk who stopped by for a bath.  He likes to get his body in the birdbath, puff up his feathers, and then shimmy his body in the water.  I've tried to get him on video but have been unsuccessful at capturing his bathing ritual.

And I've yet to see him catch anything he preys on.

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