Friday, September 08, 2006

Drive Time Champion

Behold my new "driving" shoes!

Since I can't drive the truck in flip-flops (rats!) without having them fly off my feet every time I shift, I decided I needed something a little more sturdy to quickly slip into. I have sneakers, but that means putting on socks and spending five minutes lacing up each sneaker while crouching behind the steering wheel or trying to maneuver around the gear shift; and we all know I don't have five minutes to spare if it means doing any kind of manual labor.

So, I bought these. They were not really my first choice for color, but seeing as how I'm only wearing them in the truck and they were only ten dollars (in Delaware, where there is no sales tax...yay!) I thought they were just perfect.

The velcro makes me feel like I'm five years old; or sixty-five, since they make shoes for both age groups with velcro, therefore, eliminating the need to tie laces. The sporty color and sleek style makes me feel as if my feet are exercising against my body's will, which is always a good thing. They just look athletic - in the Yoga-ish way, dontcha think?

As for the function? Es perfecto! They are extremely comfortable and so light, I feel like I'm shifting in bare feet! Plus, they are my bargain of the week.

I seriously thought about buying FiveFingers, but it seems the demand for them has far exceeded the company's expectations, so they're sold out. Dammit! Why didn't I think of making gloves for your feet?? I guess the ones I bought will just have to do.

In closing, you can see from the marking on the strap of these little beauties, that they are manufactured by Champion. Clearly these shoes were made for me; after all, they have my name right ON them.


Anonymous said...

You rock! I love them and have thought of getting them myself...for yoga! And, yes, you are certainly a champion in my eyes.

Auntie J

Mise en Place said...

"They were not really my first choice for color." Oh thank GOD! I was scared there for a moment.....RED?! Flippys are one thing but those, OMM! I was thinking, "Man, I hope she will be telling me that was the only color they HAD, lol!!


Anonymous said...

I think they look pretty cool. I recently had an experience driving with flip flops -- not a good idea!