Thursday, September 28, 2006

How To Tell Your Parents You Don't Have A Roommate

This is an IM conversation I had with a friend of mine recently. After getting out of a nine year relationship, she has begun to date again. We were discussing the new girl coming up for the weekend and then coming back to meet her parents. You'd think after nine years, her parents would be on to her.

MY FRIEND: she's here today and tomorrow

ME: oh reeeaaaaallly? she's coming up again?

MY FRIEND: yes, and then she's comin' back next Tuesday and Wednesday

ME: wow wow wow, nice!

MY FRIEND: to meet the parental units

ME: WHAT???????

MY FRIEND: so we'll see...don't want to wear her out

ME: She's meeting your parents??? Shut UP.

MY FRIEND: yes, she's meeting the parents. lol I told you I liked her

ME: ok - what do they know? that she's a girlfriend?


ME: or are you, at FORTY, playing the "a friend" game?

MY FRIEND: just a friend so far...

ME: because that is LAME


ME: oh, c'mon, serious?

MY FRIEND: Gram is not ready, and I'm a LESBIAN

ME: do you think your parents fell off the turnip truck yesterday??

MY FRIEND: yes, I hope they did

ME: Don't they KNOW you're a lesbian???? Maybe it's time you tell them.

MY FRIEND: yes, they do know

ME: break the news to 'em

MY FRIEND: they've known forever

ME: I know, but you're acting like the don't KNOW

MY FRIEND: lol. so yeah, good point

ME: criminy!

MY FRIEND: okay, I guess I need to tell them that I'm dating her

ME: What are you going to tell them next? She's my "friend" and we might be "roommates" someday...


MY FRIEND: asshole!!!!

ME: ...but we only have one bed.

ME: WTF?????

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying really hard to remember the name of a recent movie that dealt with that topic.

It just hit me. Kissing Jessica Stein. A moment late in the movie between Jessica and her mom is very touching. No matter how much of a fuss politicians and "family values" people want to make, it's simply love. How can people not support that?

Anyway, great post. And my best to your friend and her "friend."