Monday, May 03, 2021

A Grand Old Visit

This past weekend we made a trip to the Grand Canyon.  And camped in the park, just a mile from the rim.

It was Ed's first time ever to the Grand Canyon - my first visit was 28 years ago - and it was my first time camping.  

I slept in a tent.  On the ground.  Every single person who knows me said, "What??" and "What magical powers does Ed have to get you to go camping??" and "Who are you and what have you done with Salena?"  Even people who only know me through this blog were like, "Whaaatttt?"  

It wasn't entirely unpleasant but it required a lot of stuff and the ability to deal with being dirty.  I hate to be dirty.  We brought a 3" foam mattress topper which made for a comfortable sleep, and the weather was perfect - I couldn't have asked for better temperatures.  I don't love the smell of campfire smoke permeating everything but if it's not your fire stinkin' things up, it's everyone around you burning wood in their fires.  Nothing you can do about it.

We were close to the bathrooms but did have an emergency pee bucket handy for the middle of the night.  It's bad enough I had to get up, put on clothes and shoes, just to step into the cabana tent, there was no way I was walking to the bathroom with a flashlight to do a piddly little pee. I'd rather just stumble from one tent to the other.

The first morning in the canyon we woke at 4:30 am to catch the sunrise at Mather Point.  It was chilly and people were already lined up when we got there but it was worth getting up early for. 

Let me tell you, when you get up this early, there's a whole lotta day to fill moving forward.  By 9:30 (the time I normally get up when I'm home) I felt as if I'd worked an entire day already.

We went to see El Tovar Lodge and the Bright Angel Lodge, taking more photos at those locations, and then drove around to check out some of the other campground areas.  We attempted a bike ride but I fell off my bike (don't even ask) and skinned my knee and elbow so we shelved that for the rest of the day.  We visited the little general store to check out their merchandise. 

But mostly, we just chilled out. 
Ed, chilling.
I am not a camper, let alone a hiker, so there was no hiking happening.  Ed was eyeballing the people walking the Bright Angel Trail - a nine-hour hike from start to finish - and I know he wishes he was one of them, but that'll have to be something he does on his own.  I will never ever ever ever ever hike any trail in the Grand Canyon, or anywhere else.  I always love to do everything with Ed but that's just something I can't agree to and he is perfectly fine doing it by himself someday. 

He said, "You could ride one of the mules down."  Um, have you met me?  I am NOT riding a mule.  Especially on a trail.  For nine hours.  Just stop.

I'm pretty sure this will be my last camping trip but under better conditions I might be persuaded to try it again.  I'm thinking I'm more an RV camper.  We can still do marshmallows over the fire, still have a picnic-like dining experience, and still sit around on those collapsible camping chairs while shooting the breeze.  But I really think the whole sleeping thing needs to happen in an RV or cabin with a bathroom and running water available on demand.  I'll prove once again that I can commune with nature.

I'll even get up early for it.

See my Instagram for more photos.

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