Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ooooooo, A Contest!

I entered a contest over at This Eclectic Life to determine whether the three following posts might just be funny enough to blow someone's dress up.

Fight The Moth
The Man Filter
If You Need A Reason To Cook More Often, I Think I Have One

The contest had a deadline to meet - midnight tonight. Since I travel and am not in the same time zone as this chickie, I'm wondering if she will include my entry.

I guess we'll find out on May 8th when she announces the winner. Keep your fingers crossed; I could use another latte.

** UPDATE **
Since I wrote this post late last night, I was thinking I had to have it in by midnight and was dangerously close to the witching hour, so shot off an email with my chosen posts. Today, as I re-read this, I realized that the deadline was TONIGHT at midnight. Ugh, what a pineapple I am. In any case, the blog mistress over at This Eclectic Life graciously accepted my entries. The entry period is now officialy closed. Now, my dear readers, we wait.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

If I wore dresses, you'd totally blow them up. Wait. I should rephrase. And yet I can't. Good luck :)

P.S. The word verification is "flocfk." Sounds kinky, eh?

Katie said...

You made the deadline, yay! :) You should totally win something! I re-read the posts you submitted, and even the second time reading them I laughed out loud. I also went to the site and read some of the other entries. While they were humorous, they did not make me laugh out loud as yours do so often. :) (I also did not read all of them - no time for that at the moment, just random ones to see what kind of competition you were up against) Good luck!