Sunday, May 20, 2007

Isn't There A Third Evil?

Recently, we went to visit Ed's parents in New Mexico. As a bonus, his sister was also going to be there visiting, so we'd be able to kill a few birds if you know what I'm saying.

Not really wanting to traipse around the God awful town they live in, shopping at malls that aren't really even malls at all, they're just strip centers with walls built around them, Ed gave me two choices.

"Well, you can come golfing with me and my Dad or you can hang out with my mother and my sister and go shopping."

I'm supposed to choose one of those??

I said, "Why don't you just say, 'Do you want me to set you on fire or would you prefer if I poked holes in your skull with a sharp stick?' because that's the same as the two choices you just gave me."

Obviously this man of mine has not caught on to the fact that driving around a town where dirt is the prettiest and most colorful thing to look at, is not my cup of tea. Especially if it's hot and especially since I've already seen the two stores they have - one of which is WalMart.

Turns out we got there later than we anticipated and although I stayed home with the girls while the boys went out, we didn't have to go to the mall. His sister and I lounged on the back porch drinking wine and smoking cigarettes (not me) while catching up on each other's lives while his Mom stayed busy in the kitchen, concocting what turned out to be the best meal I had eaten all week.

And the only thing I had to shop for was the Key Lime Pie we brought for dessert.

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