Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Take Two Lattes And Call Me In The Morning

When I was a kid and couldn't fall asleep, my mother would make warm milk. It always tasted like crap, but she claimed it helped "soothe and settle" me so I'd be able to sleep. Who was I to dispute an old wives tale that was probably handed down from her mother?

Also, when I was a kid, I'd hear adults talk about drinking coffee to stay awake. My parents would often say how the "black" coffee (which is the way they distinguished espresso from regular "brown" coffee) kept them up the night before, or they drank too much they were jittery, etc.

Fast forward to today, when I'm pulling the late shift driving and stop for a latte thinking the coffee part of it will give me that little extra "boost" that I've always heard people talk about as a result of drinking it, especially at such a late hour. But I never get that boost. Ever.

As for the warm milk part; well, I think it performs its job very nicely, because every time I stop for a late night latte, it doesn't take long for me to realize that I also inadvertently got a side order of "nap" to go along with it.

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