Wednesday, September 08, 2010

UGG, What A Surprise!

At this point, a majority of the free world should know I'm on a shoe hunt. Oh, you haven't heard? Scroll back a few days, months and years and you'll hear plenty on the subject.

Well, to my surprise, this week when I saw my cousin (the same one who seems to think I'm bossy), she had another surprise for me. These gorgeous silver loafers by

The tag stated they were $120.00 although my cousin said she got them on sale. Either way, the most important thing is that they FIT! And they're really kinda snazzy. They might not look so fetching in the photo, but on my feet, they're delightful.

The are stamped with the UGG Australia on the side of each shoe and on the back of the heel. I love the heel - just like a driving moccassin. Not only are they super-comfortable, but...
They have the cushy UGG interior! AND they're not as UGGly as their boots...including the new limited edition Jimmy Choo ones!

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Alliey said...

Wow, I need Jimmy Choo's job. He bedazzled some Uggs and now they're charging $800 for 'em? Preposterous! :D