Saturday, January 14, 2006

You Don't Need Makeup Or Starbucks

Almost always, when I'm getting ready to go somewhere, I put on makeup.

And almost always, when I'm doing it, Eddie says "You're beautiful just the way you are, Baby, you don't need makeup."

I always say thanks, roll my eyes and continue what I was doing, even though now I feel a little rushed.

Do guys say this because they actually think we don't need makeup or because they don't want to wait for us to put it on? And doesn't he know that even if I were trapped in a burning building awaiting rescue, I'd make sure I had lipgloss on just in case the firefighter who came to get me was, for lack of a better descriptive word for my fireman rescue fantasy, HOT?

The other thing I've noticed lately, is Ed's desire to wean me of my Starbuck's habit. It's not a bad one, but every once in a while, I reaaallllly want one.

He usually says, "Why can't you just drink the coffee we have in the truck and put a lot of milk in it?"

What????? Doesn't he know it's not the same? They steam and froth and flavor and dollop. We can't dollop in the truck.

In fact, today he went as far as saying, "I'll tell you what. I'll buy a cappuccino machine for the truck, beige khaki's, a green shirt, black loafers and I'll stand behind the machine and take your order. How's that?"

I had to laugh at that image in my mind and the obvious naivete of Eddie's proposal. Does he not know that it's all about the Starbucks experience? Does he not know the complexity involved in frothing? And finally, does he not know what it takes to be a Barista?

Roll that rrrrrrrr.


•♥•m•♥• said...

I think he was looking to "play" barista and customer....."did you want that hot?...and with an extra shot m'am?" LOL

Anonymous said...

I think that you are being completely irrational with your demands. Your B/F is willing to put a cappacinno maker in the back of his "18 wheeler" aka 19 wheeler, and what do you do? Nothing polite. Just jokes though. I kinda wish that you would be nice. Just Once. IN YOUR LIFE> !~ PS have you heard that new coldplay song... LOVERS IN JAPAN/REIGN OF LOVE? Best song since Bon JOVI! i know right... you.... me.... jk. lol. ttyl!!