Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Result Of A Little Flax In Your Diet

Today when I arrived in Nashville, my friend's daughter Mina was glued to my side; she did not leave my side from the moment I arrived until she went to bed. She crawled into my lap as soon as I opened the car door and then scooched her chair closer to mine at dinner. And, as usual, she was mesmerized by my new lipgloss.

Last night I dyed my hair; so dark, it almost looks black. Tonight, while sitting at the table, we had this conversation:

Mina: Your hair really dark, Miss Salena.

Me: I know. I just did it last night.

Mina: How?

Me: Well, I put some stuff in it like shampoo, left it in for about thirty minutes and then washed it out. Why, do you like it?

Mina: Yes! Can I do that?

Vicki (Mina's mother): What? Make your hair dark?? Mina, your hair will never be dark.

Me: Well, you can do it when you're eighteen.

Vicki: No, not even when you're eighteen.

Me: Yeah, but you probably won't want to do it when you're eighteen, because by then you'll have experienced the Power of Blonde.