Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Wicked Good Time

Last night, Eddie and I went into New York City for dinner and to see a Broadway play. We took the train into Grand Central Terminal and then walked to Rockefeller Center for dinner at the Rock Center Cafe. We had a nice view of the famous Rockefeller Center ice skating rink and golden Prometheus statue. After dinner, we walked a few blocks to The Gershwin Theater to see Wicked: The Untold Story of The Witches Of OZ. The show was very interesting, a movie come to life. I was especially impressed by the performers voices and the costumes. I'm amazed that these people do this as their job and then go home every night and probably eat a bowl of cereal while watching re-runs of Friends just like I do. Amazing. Even though no recording devices were allowed in the theater, I managed to snap a quick, blurry picture during the finale of the show.
Eddie slept during the train ride back, waking just in time to take in a late night grilled cheese at the local diner. We went right to bed after that since we would need our sleep to spend today at my Aunt's house in what turned out to be a little surprise birthday party for me. My Aunt Joya and Aunt Michele decided that my last year in this decade should be celebrated with actual people as witnesses. So, Aunt Joya cooked up a storm, serving us a mini-feast and Aunt Michele shined with her fantastic baking skills, as usual. And a party was had by all.
Now it's time to get serious (yeah, like that will ever happen) and gear up for a whole new year! So, here's to thirty-nine; the age I will now be, whenever asked, for the rest of my days.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy being 39 because it is all down hill from there.
I'm glad to hear you liked Wicked. I read the box the play is based on and was very disappointed with it.

Lisa M. said...

Ah how fun. I am glad you liked it.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am glad you had a wonderful, fun birthday!