Thursday, December 21, 2006

If You Have A Note, Then It's Perfectly Okay To Commit Credit Card Fraud

Just as I was getting ready to leave the house today to go Christmas shopping, my mother stopped me and asked if I would mind picking up a few gift cards for her.

"Sure," I said.

She told me what she wanted, how much for each one and then handed me her Visa card.

"Don't you have cash?"

"Not on me." she said, "Why? Can't you just use the card?"

"Well, I'm afraid they won't accept the card from me."

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because it has your picture on the front of it."

"Well," she pauses, as if thinking. "What if I give you a note?"

"A note?? What am I in sixth grade?? And what are you going to write?"

To Whom It May Concern: Please allow my daughter Salena to purchase a gift card in the amount of $50.00 with my credit card. Sincerely, Her Mother

"No ma, I don't think that's going to work."

She sighs.

"OK, OK. I'll try it."

So I did.

And no one noticed.

And I didn't need a note.

OH. MY. GOD. That can only mean one thing.

They thought I was my MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Katie McKenna said...

lmao!!! you are too funny!