Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Heat Is On

(Picture courtesy of Greggie)

I'm having fits. One day it's forty degrees, the next eighty-two. My wardrobe is driving me crazy and I'm this close to throwing everything away and starting from the flip-flops up. The only thing I like about warm weather is the ability to wear flippies - less bulk on the feet. As for wardrobe; I think I'll be trucking this summer in floaty cotton dresses from the days of yore.

And summer is nearing at an alarming pace, isn't it? I'm sure all you sun freaks out there are doing your little happy dance, but personally, I would be happy if the sun was never again accompanied by heat. It could be out now and again, but put off no heat. That would be my ideal day. Everywhere we go lately, there is that blasted sun and its heat; even places that are still supposed to be cold, aren't. Let the endless bitching about the heat now commence. Oh, or did it already?

I'm hot and miserable and not even near menopause yet. Hell, I'm not even near summer yet. What on earth will I do then? Move to Siberia, I guess. Eddie is the picture of patience and accommodation. He lets my bitching go in one ear and out the other, all the while keeping the temperature right around sixty-five, whether in the truck or a hotel room. Ahhhh.

March hasn't come in like a lion or a lamb, but rather, like an evil little devil from hell with a red hot poker in his hand. Greggie, is that you?


Anonymous said...

...I think you are ready for mu-mu's and pearls...Flo Fannabbio reincarnated...ask Aunt R&M if they remember her...MAE

Anonymous said...

It is all my fault, I visited Father Satan in hell and bought back some of the heat. Sorry.But I LOVE IT!
Greggie (the little devil)