Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gilding The Shopping Lily

What is 5.3 million square feet, the equivalent of 115 football fields, with over 325,000 light fixtures, 58 entrances, parking for over 20,000 vehicles and cost over a billion dollars to build?

The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that's what! Touted as "the world's largest shopping and entertainment center" boasting over 800 stores and 100 dining establishments, it became the one thing for us to do once we hit Edmonton. I knew I had to go; if for no other reason but to make my cousin Ro jealous since she is the consummate shopper. I left her a voicemail message as a kind of "verbal postcard" to tell her exactly where I was and how I wished she were there. Jab. Jab.

It was an overall great experience; we shopped, dined and watched a movie, but the thing that perplexed us the most, was the display of Christmas decorations. In June. We figured either the mall is so big they had to put them up six months in advance, or it's so big that they are still taking them down.

There is just something wrong with e
ither scenario.

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Don Olney said...

This is my second comment.... I'm the agida guy from several months ago. Want you to know that I have become a pretty committed blogger since finding your blog - http://louisesdaughter.blogspot.com/ Your combination of photography and great story telling inspired me!

I still check in on you regularly, and love your stuff!

On the Christmas at the mall thing, they were filming a movie at the mall - Christmas in Wonderland ---- http://www.westedmontonmall.com/hours/movie.asp