Saturday, November 29, 2008

Insane In The Holiday Brain

It has only just begun - those dreadful days leading up to the holiday. And by saying dreadful, I'm being nice. And the reason I'm being that nice? Because if I wasn't, I'd have to stab myself in the eye. Why the eye? Because that would impair my vision enough that I would not be able to shop on a Saturday. Who the EFF shops on a Saturday??? Crazy people, that's who.

Dear. Mother. Of. God. Doesn't everyone know the economy is in the toilet?? STOP shopping, people. Go home. Save your money. Make crafty presents this year. And get the hell out of my way!! I don't have time to make crafty presents.

And...because I'm once again participating in the UPS Run With The Devil, I barely have time to shop at all. Again this year, Ed and I will help UPS deliver their packages. Three weeks of drive/sleep/drive/sleep/drive/sleep; this is not at ALL our usual routine. Where is the time for a latte? How am I going to have a leisurely lunch at Chipotle? What if I need an emergency mani/pedi??

It's not happening. We leave on December 3rd and return home on December 25th. Uh, yeah, Christmas Day. So this year I have to have ALL of my shopping done before I leave on Wednesday morning; wrapped and ready to be put under the tree. Oh, no pressure at all.

Did I mention I hate shopping? Stores on the day after the day after Thanksgiving (otherwise known as Black Friday) are just as horrible to shop in as they are on that day. The madness has just begun. My main concentration will be my three nephews, who just happen to be the three hardest people to buy for. And to make it worse, one of them has a birthday a few days after Christmas, so I have to shop for that too. My head hurts.

If your gift doesn't make it on time this year, cut me some slack; you might get it by July.


Gil said...

Poor baby! I'm sure that you will come through with flying colors. Good luck.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Wow and I thought I was running out of time. You just gave me my new strategy for getting it all done though. I'm going to pretend to be you and have it all done by OMG, that's today! Never mind....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

OOO. bad time to say I'm done already? Shopping. Sorry! lol.

have fun, and just plow through those shoppers! It's like shopper bowling! Stttt-rike!

Btw, that country shop in the above post looks scrumptious!

Drive safely!