Friday, October 30, 2009

I Feel Like A Thief

Today I went to Big Lots in Augusta, Maine. I spent the afternoon doing laundry so I thought I deserved a little shopping spree at one of my all-time favorite discount stores.

I should not be allowed to go into this store. I thought I was safe because I had limited time; the lady at the laundromat told me the wash cycle was only thirty minutes, so I set the alarm on my cell phone and made a beeline across the parking lot of the strip mall. Big mistake.

The first thing I came across were tubes of my
favorite shampoo and conditioner. It normally sells for over six dollars, but Big Lots had them for two dollars and fifty cents each. Less than half the price! I bought four of those; conditioner too.

I also got some great makeup items. That gorgeous gold eyeshadow up there? One dollar. The lip balm that makes my kisser tingle? Fifty cents. That gorgeous package of Revlon blush in
Peachy Keen, the one with the floral imprint? Three dollars and fifty cents.

But my biggest score? The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss
. They were two dollars. TWO. TWOOOOO!!! I bought two tubes in my signature color, Glossy Rose (which you can find in any store, but at three times that price) and then, in the order shown in the photo from front to back, Raisin Glaze (ravishing), Sparkling Champagne (oh my god, I need a place to wear this color!), Blushing Moment (which is stunning and a limited edition color) and Heart Throb Red (which is such an exquisite sheer red that I want to wear it every waking hour).

I also got a Nexxus shampoo, conditioner, mousse and root lifter combo that came with a lush brown satin travel bag; all for nine dollars!! The conditioner alone sells for that price and the shampoo sells for at least eight dollars.

Add to that some cereal, a tea caddy, black cherry jelly from Switzerland, blank CD's, a Garnier hair highlighting kit, paper towels, Oreos, socks, some Halloween decorations and about a dozen video games for Ed and my nephews, and we came out of there at just under $163.00.

It was such a bargain, I felt like I was stealing from them. And I got my laundry done to boot.

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