Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shot From A Safe Distance

Today Ed and I spent the morning at an annual safety meeting. It's the first one we've been to that was hosted by an agent. We specifically went to meet her since we've hauled several load for her. We usually go to the safety meetings held at the annual company driver appreciation days in Florida, but since we were passing right by and we were invited, we couldn't possibly say no.

As you can see, the room was pretty packed, which was a huge surprise to me, and since we got there just before the meeting started, the only seats left were in the very back. Do you like how the back of everyone's head looks? They didn't even know I was taking their picture, they were so glued to the presentation.

I can't say we learned anything new, since we're Grandma & Grandpa Safety on the road, but they did have several guest speakers and free food. They supplied a continental breakfast in the morning, lunch after the meeting (which was delicious!!) and great raffle gifts to go home with!

How can you beat free food and gifts??

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all things bradbury said...

wow....that's a good crowd for a safety, what did you guys win???