Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Quick Draw McGraw

We finally got around to visiting Quick Draw Tarps in Franklin, Kentucky to have our tarping system looked at.

When we bought the trailer, the other driver had an arrangement to have a panel replaced because a customer he did business with had damaged it during the unloading process.  Chuck, the guy responsible for authorizing payment for the repair to Quick Draw, was nice enough to extend the offer to us since we purchased the trailer before the previous owner was able to the repair done.  This guy was so nice, and easy to deal with, I can't tell you how much we appreciate his integrity in this transaction instead of just telling us "too bad, so sad".

So since we found ourselves in Louisville, so close to the tarp place, we decided to take a ride down there and have them take a look at it.

Turns out the trailer had never been back to the shop for any adjustments - which is something they typically do sometime after the tarping system is installed - for four years.  Because of that, Gary Smith, our contact at this location, was nice enough to do all of the adjustments for us for FREE.  I am such a fan of free.

We were there for several hours since they were making the panel while we waited, and Ed spent that time chatting with the guys in the shop and watching them work.  Ed loves this system and sings its praises wherever we go.  Now we have another song to add to the roster - one of great customer service.

If it's possible for tarping to be any easier than having a rolling system, they just made it happen.  Good customer service is paramount.

Thanks, Quick Draw!

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