Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not So Fat Tuesday

Every night on the cruise, in the wee hours of the morning, cruise ship staff changed the rugs in the elevators to reflect what day it was.  It reminded me of those day-of-the-week panties that were so popular when I was a kid.  I wish we had this in the truck because when we're working I really lose track.  If I didn't have an phone that displayed the date and time, I'd never know what day it was.  

Yesterday was our first full day back at the house and boy was I busy.  We've been off since Christmas Eve, but thirty-four of those days were spent on pre-cruise, cruise, and post-cruise, and I even though I wrapped up everything before I left, now that I'm back I still have quite a bit of stuff to do.  How is that even possible??

I'm not fully able to sit and do nothing until I take care of all the luggage, go through all our mail, return emails, do laundry, etc.  I unpacked today while Ed did some stuff on the truck to get it ready to get back on the road.  Our 120-day inspection is due and some of the reflectors on the back of the sleeper fell off from being parked in the sun for over a month (weird).  He has another appointment today that will likely take most of the day, and only when he brings the truck back to the house will I be able to tidy up the inside and pack it for the road again.
And in reference to the title of this post, we also weighed ourselves.  I was certain with all the eating we did that we each would have packed on ten pounds, easily.  Surprisingly, I'm actually a half-pound lighter (don't even ask how that happened) and Ed stayed the same.  It's not like we came back skinny or anything, so Ed said we're going back on his salad wagon immediately.  It's probably best.

I have to say, I am looking forward to going back to work.  I just hope I remember how to shift gears.

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