Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Do Laundry And Bring Strawberries

Laundry day.  I dread it.  Even though I have enough clothing, sheets, towels to go a month or more without having to do laundry, after that point, I have a giant laundry bag staring at me from the corner.

After laundry, we went grocery shopping and had in interesting trucking-related moment.

We were in Harris Teeter picking up a few groceries for the week.  Ed was in the produce department getting strawberries.  He met back up with me a few aisles over and said, "They're out of strawberries."

"They're out of strawberries??  Completely?"

"Yep.  The produce guy said the truck comes in tomorrow." he said.

"Oh.  Well, that sucks."

"Yeah," he chuckled. "It would be nice if they remembered how their stuff gets here."

He's exactly right.  If it weren't for a truck bringing those strawberries to the store, that guy wouldn't have a job stacking them in the produce department.

It would be nice for people to remember that when they're making it difficult for us to park in their parking lots, communities, malls, etc.

** Technically, I don't personally bring the strawberries, but you get the drift.

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