Thursday, December 26, 2019

I Grew A Mater

Earlier this year, I bought two teeny tiny tomato plants at Home Depot.  They were small, like 3" tall.  I got them because Ed had been talking about wanting a garden.  

Well, I grew up with a garden.  A huge one.  And it was a lot of work.  We also didn't live in a place where the sun scorched every living thing its rays could reach.  Between the rabbits devouring anything with a leaf, to the sun frying it, hardly anything but cactus make it out here in Arizona.

I figured if Ed could keep two tiny plants alive and bring them to the point where they bear fruit, I might consider engaging the idea of a garden.  

Well, not only did he keep them alive, they flourished more than I expected.  They're now about 3 feet tall and bearing fruit.  They're pretty actually tasty!

So I guess the next task when we have time home, is to plant a garden.  Personally, I think it's more work than it's worth, I'd rather just go buy what I need at the store.  But, maybe this will turn into the much-needed hobby I'm looking for.

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They are beautiful and look quite tasty!