Saturday, December 26, 2020

Standing On A Corner

Took this drive-by photo from the window of our truck as we were cruising along Interstate 40 through Winslow, Arizona. 

I love seeing trains all across the country.  This one was laden with ocean containers - which actually take away freight from truckers since they often move these cans - probably heading to the port in Los Angeles, or somewhere else to be put on trucks and transported to their final destinations.  

My favorite trains are the super-long ones, usually pulled by two or more locomotives.  Sometimes, when the tracks are parallel to the interstate, I pretend we're racing.  And when I finally pass the locomotive at the front, I get a little jolt of excitement and then deem myself the ultimate winner.  Yes!

This is what keeps America moving, those who transport goods to all areas of our country.  I feel very fortunate to have a job doing this, especially this year with so many people out of work due to Covid.  Shout out to the other people in our industry.  I'm thankful for you, too!  And definitely the Amazon drivers...because this year I ordered 90% of my Christmas presents online.  

Whether a track is guiding you to your destination, or you're behind the wheel like me, Ed, and so many other drivers, safely getting to the other end is all that matters.

Snaking trains are one of my favorite sights.  And when they're colorful like this, it's even better.  

See you at the other end!

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Unknown said...

We drove from San Diego to Kansas City this year for Christmas, which involved some I-40 and other routes that were mostly truckers and us. And we saw some great trains in the process. Happy Holidays, Selena, and all the best to you and Ed for 2021.

The Daily Rant said...

NA Friend, is that you? If not, then whoever this is, thanks for the comment! And Happy Holidays to you and yours, too!! Here's to an awesome 2021!

Ron Walker said...

Hey Salena... didn't mean to be so anonymous!

- Ron Walker

The Daily Rant said...

Ohhhh, Ron! Okay. No problem. Happy New Year to you!

Frank Carlton said...

We have a female trucker on our team and there is literally nothing that she can't do.
Frank Carlton - Manufactured Home Movers Texas

The Daily Rant said...

Frank - that’s awesome! Girl Power! ✊