Monday, November 13, 2006

It's All In The Cards

I got a lovely email the other day from a reader in Canada (oh, how I love Canada and the Canadians!!), who sent this picture saying "every time I sit and play this children's game with my five year old daughter this card reminds me totally of you."

She likened it to my profile pic and noticed the similarity in an illustrated, cartoony sort of way. I just love it, although I don't know if I look as cool as Carmen does in her sunglasses and flippy hair, but we are both sporting cute little barrettes.

When I was younger and all my friends were getting married, I used to joke that they were going to put my picture on the cards they use for the game of Old Maid.

I don't know what this game is, but I'm thinking it's way better than Old Maid!


Anonymous said...

And now that I can see them side by side- it even reminds me more of you! :-)

Anonymous said...

That looks just like you.
Especially the great smile and rosy cheeks.
I want to know what game this is from?

Anonymous said...

It does look just like you! Very cool!

Katie McKenna said...

lol. how wonderful and yes,looks so much like you!