Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pimping For The Presidency

Yesterday being September 11th was as usual, a media circus; TV, radio, newspapers.

Terrorists are everywhere. (They might be sitting right next to you. Boo!)

We must fight them there so they don't come here. (There's a new Bin Laden tape - didja hear?)

The long, expensive, useless fence we must build to keep "them" out. (You know, the Mexicans.)

The surge is working. (Can anyone with half a brain do the math on this?)

All these lies instill fear in our citizens; who, when not given the facts or who unfortunately don't have the intelligence to research for themselves, believe what the talking heads in the idiot box (and specifically the Rose Garden) tell them. And it's pitiful.

Along with so many of the other unworthy Republican candidates, touting their bullshit to support the organizations and corporations that already line their pockets, 
this one really needs to stop pimping September 11th as part of his repertoire. How many years does the public have to be subject to the circus that surrounds the anniversary of this date?

Enough, already. Stop USING this event to make a point or stir up fear and hatred.

Just remember, acknowledge and move on.

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Brava, brava, brava.

And another thing about Rudy.