Friday, February 20, 2009

Eddie Supervises Friday

Eddie supervising the positioning of our over-dimentional load. Because these tires, which we picked up at a CAT Equipment plant, hung over each side of the trailer by two inches, we had to adorn the truck with red caution flags and those big yellow "OVERSIZED LOAD" signs.

We don't a lot of over-dimentional loads, but because they pay much more than a regular load, it's sometimes worth the aggravation. The extra cost is used to pay for permits to travel through each state along the way to your delivery destination. Depending on the dimensions, you can't take certain routes, travel through cities or drive after dark, which was the case with this load.

Once night falls, you had better be in a place where you can sleep for the evening because when morning comes, it's time to get up and start traveling again. This is an easy one though, since we don't deliver until Monday. I like that we get to shut down in the early evening; more time for a nice dinner and movie watching and more sleep means I get to start the day at the crack of dawn!

OK, maybe not dawn...maybe it's more like 930ish.

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Anonymous said...

Is that your new trailer?
Ed's mom