Monday, November 22, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

In addition to my very best friend in the world, I have some other very good friends who reside in Nashville. Nikki, who is full of life and worth her weight in gold, and her girlfriend Kim. They've been together for about six years now and they're both pretty damn awesome.

Nikki (holding the lobster on the right), who I've known for about ten years, is a dog trainer and founder of a local Search and Rescue company. Nikki and her dog TBAA (an acronym for "Touched By An Angel" and pronounced "teebah") are inseperable. TBAA is a Rottweiler who has been highly trained to locate missing persons in wilderness, disaster, human remains and water search and rescue/recovery missions. Nikki has assisted local law enforcement on many cases and earlier this year, volunteered over 300 hours to help locate missing persons after the Nashville flood in May 2010. It was those 300 hours (and more) that made this story possible.

Let's fast forward...

A while back, Kim was trying to get tickets for her and her mother to go see the Oprah show. When she got to Oprah's website, she saw a "Be In The Audience" link for "local heroes." Intrigued by the title, she clicked. After reading, she decided to submit a letter about Nikki and all the work she did during those floods. That letter resulted in their getting tickets to Oprah's show to be part of 175 people involved in non-profits. But the show wasn't about non-profits.

It was the second part of Oprah's Favorite Things show!!!! The following is a list of all of the things they went home with. FREE things!!

Sophia Satchel by Coach: I know for a fact that Nikki doesn't carry a purse. Uhhh, Nik...don't you think you should share?

2. Magaschoni Hand-Beaded Silk and Cashmere Tunic: Originally custom made for Oprah, but she asked if the company could also make it available to everyone.

Magaschoni Black Silk Cashmere Leggings: For those with leggings-ready legs.

Hope In A Jar by Philosophy: Oprah's favorite moisturizer. If it can keep her dewy through Chicago winters, it's gotta be good!

iPad by Apple: OK, who doesn't want one of these??

Sequined Ugg Boots: Where does Oprah wear these boots?

7. Two $500 Nordstrom Gift Cards: These cards are to be used for a lingerie shopping spree, because as Oprah says, everyone needs a good bra! Although, I happen to know for a fact, that there is not ONE Nordstrom store in the ENTIRE STATE of Tennessee. Do you want me to take those off your hands for you?

Herb Saver by Prepara: Who’s Herb?

Centerville Pie Company’s Chicken Pie: Oprah and Gayle discovered this on their trip to Cape Cod, MA.

Garrett’s Gourmet Popcorn: Should I send you some movies to go with these?

Le Creuset 10-piece Cookware Set: Now these are beautiful. How can one possibly choose a color? OK, you twisted my arm. I like the orange one.

12. Miraclebody Jeans: Nikki already has a miracle body. They said these give you a butt - I want a butt!

Sophie Jewelry Box: From Pottery Barn. Looove Pottery Barn.

Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings: These are worth $1900.00! She's going to be the fanciest dog trainer in Nashville! And Kim better not wear those to work...they'll think she's making too much money.
15. gift card courtesy of Great charity idea. Check this website out - it might be a good way to give this holiday season.

Williams-Sonoma Mini Croissants: Oprah said the only croissants better than these were in Paris.

Talbott Teas Holiday Assortment Gift Box: The most amazing teas flavors I've ever heard of!

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo: For those of you who need to be awakened.

Let It Be Me by Johnny Mathis: Johnny Mathis sang on the show. I grew up listening to Johnny Mathis and he sounded the same as he did the first time I ever heard him.

Illusions by Josh Grobin: Josh Grobin also performed. What a rich voice.

And then the final gift...the one we were all waiting for but had no idea was coming...the grandest gift EVER given on ANY of Oprah's "Favorite Things" shows in 25 years.

The gift that catapulted the audience into pandemonium...

21. A brand new, totally redesigned
2012 Volkswagen Beetle!!!!

This is only the second time in history the Beetle has been totally redesigned, inside and out, and on the show they explained that the new Beetle project is so top secret that the ONLY prototype of its kind had to be flown from Volkswagen in Germany to Oprah’s studios in Chicago for Oprah to take a peek at it (they only allowed her to show all of us a silhouette). It will not be revealed to the public until May 2011, and when it is, these audience members will be the first people in the WORLD to own one of these cars!

I watched the show three times today; once all the way through and the other two times to see the moment they gave away the car and my friend's faces. I actually took a picture of my TV screen so I could share that moment with all of you. Look at them...

Not that this even compares to being on Oprah, but they were also in their local paper. I'm over the moon for them and it really couldn't have happened to nicer people. Well, unless it happened to me, of course. My best friend and I texted back and forth all day over this. We were so in shock.

You did read that list, right? It's insane!!

OK, I only have one more thing to say...


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Nikki said...

You are too cute! xoxo

Lipstick Trucker said...

That is awesome. When I read yesterday that they were on the show I dreamed about it last night.
Then i woke up in the truck :( haha

Ms. Crawford said...

This is too neat! How awesome that she wrote the story and submitted it, by taking a chance something wonderful happened. I love all the extra stuff, the boots are wild.

goodfather said...

OW! My eyes, my eyes! As much as I like shiny, those boots are SHINY!! #justsayin.

Alicia said...

How awesome for your friends!! It was well deserved also after all the work she put in from helping people!

sheila said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! That's freakin awesome! And an ipad? Oh, I wish! Nice stuff! And those lobsters are HUGE!

And how funny, I'm watching that trucker show, lol...the trecherous roads one...I think they are in India right now. Yikes, NO WAY!

cookie gifts said...

That is awesome and i like I like shiny boots :-)