Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Jersey Wonderland

 I know it's after Christmas, but since I was kinda busy getting married and entertaining, I totally forgot to post these pictures from this delightful surprise we came across in New Jersey.

We were driving from Bordentown to Princeton in New Jersey when I saw a side street with TONS of Christmas lights.
"Ed, Ed, Ed!  Wait....stop...lights!" I stammered. 

"What? Where?" Ed said.

"Turn around!  Go around the block!  Turn here!"  I started barking instructions and pointing.  I LOVE Christmas lights and I was certain this was a giant display.

Boy, was I right!  This place was AMAZING.  One of the best single house displays I've ever seen.  We realized when we turned down the block that this was something big, not just a guy who put up a lot of lights.  We easily got a parking spot on the street a few houses down and as we got closer, we saw people streaming in and heard Christmas music playing. 

I was in awe.  Every inch of his house and yard was covered in lights and Christmas-themed decor.  Animated figures, lights chasing lights, toy soldiers, candy canes, everything you can imagine.  He's got close to 2,000 pieces!
Bob Martel has been decorating his house on this block for over 29 years.  We met him and his family sitting in the driveway on our way out.  It was cold on this night and they were sitting around a fire pit.  He was with his wife, son, and another young girl.  The son lived around the corner in the same neighborhood and directed us to go see his house next, as he also got his dad's decorating bug (although his house wasn't as incredible).

Mr. Martel said it takes him two months to set up the lights and the yard.  He's even spilled into a willing neighbor's yard. did a piece on the house titled Martel's Christmas Wonderland.  

If you happen to be in the area, it's definitely worth a drive-by.  You can find it here:

Martel's Christmas House
21 Phillips Ave,
Hamilton Township, NJ 08610

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