Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Day The Blog Began

Today I started my first weblog.

As I looked at the clock, I realized that today is my cousin David's birthday. Well, actually, his name is Seven now. He changed it years ago because his favorite number is seven. Like his birthday, the 7th of May. I haven't talked to him in over 10 years but I think about him often. I wonder what he's doing and what he looks like.

The last I heard, he was living in California and working in the entertainment industry. I don't know what exactly he does, but the last thing I knew of was of him being a segment producer on "The Bachelor" and "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance". I used to watch "The Bachelor" and always scanned the credits for his name, being so excited when I would see "Seven" scroll by. Just last name. I even saw him once on TV. Well actually, I heard him before I saw him. His voice sounds exactly as it did when he was a kid...and then I saw him. He was delivering flowers to one of the "lucky" bachelorettes, who in just a few weeks was going to be going home heartbroken because the loser didn't pick her.

But David, as I will always refer to him, looked so good to me. I will always remember David and his square jaw, gorgeous skin, mile long eyelashes, great smile, infectious laugh and beautiful soul.

Seven must really BE his lucky number.


Pat said...

You called it a weblog. Nice first blog post. I wonder how many of your readers go back and read the blog from the beginning.

The Daily Rant said...

PAT: Weblog is the official term - a "web log". It's evolved to the term "blog" over the years.

I think there are quite a few people who read the archives, but I'm hoping that having them below each post will encourage people to click and read back.

Belledog said...

Happy 9th, and it is a hoot to go back to previous years on various blogposts.

Some good stuff, laughs and very good photography there.

Carry on.