Friday, May 13, 2005

Herding the Blogger Sheep

After a week of saying "What a stupid name - blog" and "Who is going to read that?" and "Why would anyone write about stuff like this?" and "I'll read it when I get a chance".......

Guess what my best friend Vicki did? She started her own BLOG!! Yup. I know!

I was teasing her that she was a sheep.....just following the 'ol herd. Of course, she didn't like that, but I had to put it in the "computer related things" context only. Because she is NOT a follower in any other area of life....for anything.

It all started with getting her into the 21st century by her finally getting an email address. Then, she started with the digital camera...omg, she's a monster!! Crazy, I say. I think she had it surgically attached to her hip so it's always at the ready. Kind of like a holster for a six shooter. She's always ready for a good photo op. And believe me, her talent is UN-real!!

Now she's onto the blog. I still think she cringes a bit when the word "blog" comes out of her mouth (don't we all?) yet, she loves it. And as she said on her blog, if it weren't for our Verizon Wireless minutes, we'd both be looking for a job just to pay the phone bill.

Now that she's part of the herd, it is her job to recruit others. And she is doing quite well, I must say. She's already roped in a fresh one. She told me today that her friend Deanna wants to start one too. I say, "DO it!". It's a blast. It's a great hobby. And it's a great way to stay connected.

I've decided that once my herd gets big enough, I'm going to buy a staff. Maybe I'll even consider becoming a Sherpa. Wait...that means I'll have to move to Nepal and hike the Himalayas. Ew, strike that thought. Who the hell wants to HIKE??

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Mise en Place said...

You are a Yinty!! I may be a computer sheep but at least I'm one that listens. Don't you have to have more then ONE to make herd? Or are you a one sheep herder?!? LOL!!!!

You're whacked

Love you, V.