Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rejoice And Be Sad

The rejoice part comes easy. Today is Mina's first day of school...EVER. This beautiful little "almost 5" year old strapped on her pink leopard print backpack, whipped her hair into a ponytail and with her bright white sneakers, skipped into the world of formal education.

She will no doubt enhance not only her own knowledge, but the experience of others while in school since she is a RAY of sunshine that can't be shut out by even the darkest cloud. I can't wait to hear about her experience, as I know it will be told in squeals of laughter and gasps of "guess what?".

The sad part is easy too. My best friend Vicki, her mother, left alone for the first time in 4.5 years without Mina by her side. There were tears. Several times. And when Mina told Vicki that she was allowed to walk her to the door of school but NOT down the hallway to her classroom, I can hear the shards of Vicki's heart hitting the floor. Of course, that sound would have most definitely been covered by the laughter that I KNOW came out of Vicki's mouth with Mina just saying something so......so.....grown up. LOL

In just 6 days, Vicki will have the entire MORNING to herself. Both kids will be in school. She will be alone, really alone, for the first time in 6.5 years. She needs me. I better head South. Quick. But first, I have to stop off and get some Diet Coke, Oreos, Nutty Buddy ice cream, Chinky, some chick flicks and.....? It's going to be like old times. Just me and Vick.

Things just have a way of coming back around, don't they?

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