Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Heat Bog

I can't function. The heat has rendered me incapable of thinking, writing, blogging, living. Just bogged me down. I can barely eek out a breath to get up and get myself out of the house. Why, you ask? Because that would mean I have to leave the house.

Not that it makes much difference, outside or inside, because the house is as hot as sitting outside, on the asphalt, in my panties, with a tin-foil reflective shield - remember the kind people used to use to get more sun? A little fold up job that directed the sun to your face?

Exactly. That would have been almost as comfortable as sitting in the house. I take a shower and two minutes later, I'm drenched again; this time, with sweat. I blow my hair dry, only to have the heat come up through my hair follicles and saturate my scalp until I'm soaking wet again. And a hairstyle? Forget it. Hair, yes. Style, no.

My mother has sworn to never ask me to visit again because I am not handling the heat well. It's July. It's hot. Although, it's supposed to rain and cool off "considerably" - which, to the weather man, apparently means going from 106 to 96. Holy Toledo! A cold snap! I better get my ski jacket out of storage, sure sounds like I'm going to need it.

I have a few blog post ideas in my head, but I can't get them out. I will probably be posting some pictures to fill in for my lack of writing, which will get me back up to date. But don't be surprised if they are pictures of the end of my feet, with the TV in the distance and the remote in my free hand. That's about all I seem to be able to see right now since I have not moved from the lazy boy (which is positioned in front of the air conditioner) for days.

Hang in there. I'll be back.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

I think we can understand how the heat may be affecting your ability to function. Here's hoping a cool snap heads your way soon.