Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finally! Someone Who Thinks I'm God's Gift To Man

A few days ago, on his birthday, Eddie and I were talking about gifts when he said to me, "Well, you're my gift. I even told that to your Mom."

"Told my Mom what?"

"That you're my gift from God." he said.

"You told my mother I was your gift from God???"

"Yeah. I told her that since I had been through a lot in my life and worked really hard to get where I am, I feel like God brought you to me."

Just as I started to cry, he said "I'd say you were just a gift, but you're also a pain in the ass. That's how I know you're from God."

"Why would God give you a gift that's a pain in the ass?" I asked.

"That's how God works," he said, "He just doesn't say 'here's a gift and it's perfect', he says 'here's a rose, but it has thorns' and 'here's a really cute animal, but he might bite you' or even, 'here's a cure for your disease, but you're going to die in three years anyway.'"

"That's how God works, huh?"

"Yeah. You didn't know that?"

Uh, I guess not. But what do I care? I have a man who thinks I'm God's Gift.


Katie said...

Awwwww! You guys are so good together! And how sweet that he feels that way (and tells you AND your mom!)!

Anonymous said...

Ohh.........that is so sweet! I almost became teary eyed reading this. Too bad you can't clone him....